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Annual Report

Advancing Innovation: 2023 Annual Report

Technology is part of our strategy

Without question, 2023 confirmed how our forward-looking—investment in technology transformation has been reshaping the Credit Union. Over the past five years, we’ve reengineered our systems to enable a clear, relationship-based view of all relevant information with a credit union-wide data aggregation platform and distributed analytic capabilities. We’re making it easy for Members to access a wealth of knowledge within digital banking and have made enhancements to provide more card controls, security features, and a more intuitive experience. And through what can only be described as a passion for deepening Members’ sense of control over their own finances, we’re also giving them confidence that we’ll uphold our promise to protect their interests while keeping their information secure and managing risk.

Financial Performance as of December 31, 2023

Total Assets: $969,364,811
Net Loans: $739,746,890
Total Shares: $825,242,447


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