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Scholarship Competition

Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Competition Winners!

Alex Lee • Alizah Robinson • Anna Sippel • Aretha Brooks • Craig Washington • D'Angelo Thompson • Danielle Wilson • Kayla Scott • Michelle Thomas • Tene Carr

Scholarships Awarded Across the Nation

2017 Scholarship Winner Map

BUILDING FUTURES Across the Nation
PRESENTED BY Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation, Inc. AND Justice Federal Credit Union

The Justice Federal Credit Union Scholarship Competition was established to address the Credit Union’s desire to encourage continuing education while reaching out to the Justice, and Law Enforcement communities.

Justice Federal Credit Union and the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation, INC, approves a fund distributed among applicants selected by a Scholarship Committee. 50% of the total funds awarded will go to individuals pursuing a degree in the Field of Justice. Justice Federal Credit Union and Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation, INC officials/employees and their families are not eligible to compete. Applicant is only eligible if pursuing a degree beyond primary education/high school diploma.

The 2017 Scholarship Competition is Now Closed

Thank you to all who submitted applications and congratulations to our winners!

Please stay tuned for information regarding the 2018 Competition.


Scholarship Applicant must be the Primary Account holder on an Account with the Credit Union; a joint on a parent or spouse account does not qualify you.

Scholarship Applicant’s Account must be in Good Standing with the Credit Union. Applicants will be disqualified if they are delinquent on loan payments, have a negative balance, or have caused the Credit Union a loss.

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