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Watch Your Money Grow

Share Savings Account

Your Share Savings Account establishes your Member ownership in the Credit Union. A minimum deposit of $5 is required to open and maintain a Share Savings Account. Enjoy greater dividends as you increase your savings.

  • chevron_right No Monthly Fees
  • chevron_right Tiered Dividends
  • chevron_right Direct Deposit and Automatic Transfers Available

Statements are provided quarterly. Minimum share balances to earn dividends may apply. Dividends are compounded quarterly.

Freedom Direct Savings

Freedom Direct just got better!

Earn 4.20%APY* when you open a high-yield Freedom Direct Savings Account with Direct Deposit to Freedom Direct Checking.

  • chevron_right No withdrawal fees
  • chevron_right No monthly service fees
  • chevron_right No minimum balance requirement
  • chevron_right Direct Deposit and Automatic Transfers Available

With automatic transfers you can easily set recurring deposits to your Freedom Direct Savings. Remember, the more you save, the more you earn. With a rate of 4.20% APY*, you can sit back and watch your money grow!

Young Savers Account


The Young Savers Account is designed especially for children to teach the value of saving money early and to learn money management skills. A minimum $5 deposit is required to establish membership and start saving for their future!

  • chevron_right Earns dividends on minimum balance of $5
  • chevron_right Dividends compounded monthly
  • chevron_right No Monthly Fees
  • chevron_right Easily transfer monies to the account via use of Digital Banking
  • chevron_right Once the young account holder reaches the age of 18, the funds are automatically transferred to a Share Savings Account.

Statements are provided quarterly. Account must be opened for a child, grandchild, or other family member under the age of 18 using their Social Security number. Family member or legal guardian must have Justice Federal membership for minor to be eligible for this account.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

The Coverdell Education Savings Account was created to help parents pay for a child's education at any level — from kindergarten through high school and beyond.

The Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESA) historically has been restricted to an annual contribution limit of $2,000. You do not get a tax deduction when you put the money into the account, but the tax-free earnings potential is tremendous, and the withdrawals are tax-free, too — as long as they are used for education. Consult a tax advisor for details.

Take a look at the earnings potential: If you contribute the maximum for a newborn child every year until the child is 18, and you earn an average investment rate of 6%, the account will grow to about $70,000.

Savers Club Account

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Saving for something in particular? Join the Club! The perfect way to save for a vacation, for holiday spending, or for a large purchase. The Savers Club is a term share account that lets you choose your own maturity date and the account into which the savings will be transferred upon maturity.

  • chevron_right Easily customizable
  • chevron_right Dividends earned on a minimum of $5
  • chevron_right No Monthly Fees
  • chevron_right Direct Deposit and Automatic Transfers Available

Statements are provided quarterly. Dividends are compounded quarterly. Penalties apply for early withdrawals prior to the maturity date.

Money Market Account

If you are looking for a great way to achieve higher returns while still retaining some flexibility, a Money Market account is good for short term or long term use. Use a Money Market to earn higher dividends on your money, or use the account to transfer funds between certificate maturities and reinvestment options.

  • chevron_right Competitive tiered rates
  • chevron_right Dividends earned from the day of deposit
  • chevron_right $2,500 minimum balance to earn dividends
  • chevron_right Dividends compounded monthly
  • chevron_right Convenient access to your funds through Digital and Phone Banking allows you to manage your account with up to six withdrawals per month.

Statements are provided monthly. Must meet the minimum balance to earn dividends. Penalties apply for excessive withdrawals.

Additional Savings Options

Additional tools to grow your savings and invest in your future include Share Certificates and Individual Retirement Accounts. A Share Certificate allows your money to grow with higher, market competitive rates. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows you to invest wisely and securely for your retirement.

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