The Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation was founded with a mission to offer programs and engage in charitable activities that promote education, recognize professional excellence and caring for others, reduce hardship, and improve the lives of Justice Federal Credit Union Members; and members and their families within affiliated law enforcement and criminal justice organizations, nonprofit associations; and the greater justice and law enforcement community.

Supporting the Justice and Law Enforcement Community

Our affiliation with Justice Federal Credit Union provides us with the resources to reach the justice and law enforcement community across the country.
We need your support to continue delivering our programs and services.

See how you can make a difference.


Our Pillars

Our pillars are at the heart of everything we do and where we believe real impact can be made to improve the lives of many.

Promote Education

pillar Promote Education

We are committed to promoting education by offering scholarships for educational and professional development to Members and their families.

Reduce Hardship

pillar Reduce Hardship

Sometimes it seems impossible to overcome life challenges. We provide grants to reduce hardship and improve the lives of Members and their families who through no fault of their own have experienced injury, illness, catastrophic life event, or natural disaster.

In Memorial Grants

pillar In Memorial Grants

We provide in memorial grants in support of law enforcement killed in the line of duty, and offer assistance to their families and co-workers left behind to cope with their tragic loss.

Important Legal Disclaimers and Information

Tax ID Number: 81 - 4593745
The IRS recognizes the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt, National Non-Profit Charitable Foundation.
The Foundation’s annual financial report is available by request to the Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.
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