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How to Budget in Times of Inflation
By Justice Federal

Sticking to a budget during times of high inflation is challenging – but not impossible. Here are five ways to budget while in times of inflation.

7 Tips to Model Healthy Money Management
By GreenPath Financial Wellness
phone and receipt

As adults, how we handle finances sends a powerful message to children. That’s why it’s important to model the healthy money management behaviors that we want the kids in our lives to adopt.

IRS De-stress: 5 Tips for Last Minute Taxpayers
By GreenPath Financial Wellness
tax return form

Taxpayers rejoice! You have until April 18, 2023 to file federal income taxes. Most states are following suit, however, you can consult your state’s tax page to verify. If you’ve already crossed this off your list… congratulations! And if you’re in the company of 25% of Americans who wait until the last minute? Don’t panic. Here are five suggestions for filing in the final hour.

New Year, New Money Habits
By GreenPath Financial Wellness

Small Changes for Improving Your Financial Health in the New Year. The New Year is a time for powerful new beginnings. It also presents an opportunity to look at our everyday habits – whether those habits relate to our health and fitness or our money habits as we manage any financial challenges.