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Special Low Rate on VISA® Credit Cards Balance Transfers and Cash Advances

2.99% APR*

for 12 months on all balance transfers and cash advances made June 1 - August 31, 2022.
No balance transfer fee. No cash advance fee.**

Rate will revert to 11.90% - 18.00% APR* based on your card’s terms and conditions after the promotional period. Cash Advances after August 31, 2022 will be charged 2% of the Advance.**


Balance Transfers

Transfer high-interest debt from one or more credit cards
to your Justice Federal VISA Card.


1. Log In to Digital Banking LOG IN
2. Select your Credit Card from Your Accounts
3. Select Balance Transfer from the More menu
Balance transfer screenshot
4. Complete the Payee information with address and full account information from your credit card or loan statement and a check will be sent directly to your lienholder/credit card. This same amount will be transferred to the balance on the credit card you select. Please note that you cannot request a balance transfer for an amount that is more than the available credit on your account. It takes approximately 10-14 business days for the check to be received.


To request a Balance Transfer by phone, call 866.820.3036. You will need to have your Justice Federal VISA Credit Card, as well as the payee information for the card or loan you wish to transfer a balance from.


Cash Advance

Use your Justice Federal VISA Card to withdraw cash when you need it.

Via ATM:

Use your Justice Federal VISA Credit Card and PIN at any ATM that processes VISA transactions. Subject to daily limits. Use our ATM Locator to find a Surcharge-Free ATM near you.


You may request a cash advance at any financial institution that processes VISA transactions. Subject to daily limits. Use our Branch Locator to find a Justice Federal Branch near you.

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Legal Disclaimers & Information

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All terms, including the APR are subject to change at any time, for any reason, in accordance with the Credit Card Agreement and applicable law.
**No Cash Advance Fee is applicable to this offer. After offer ends, Cash Advance Fee terms will revert back to your card’s original terms: either 2.00% of the advance or $10 whichever is greater ($50 maximum) Subject to available credit. Not applicable to cards at 0% APR intro-rate. Offer available June 1 – August 31, 2022. The interest rate on promotional balances remaining on the closing date of your September 2023 statement will revert to 11.90% - 18.00% based on your respective card type. Justice Federal reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.