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Keeping Your Browser Up-To-Date

Your Safety and Security is Important to Us

Justice Federal Credit Union takes a proactive approach to protecting the safety and security of our Member’s by keeping our software up-to-date with the latest technologies. In an effort to accomplish this, we would like to remind you of the importance of keeping your web browser updated.

In the Internet world, your browser is the key to accessing everything. Several browsers for the most part do the same job, displaying websites and search engines, but they process them differently― viewing a website on older versions of Internet Explorer may be different than on Firefox for example.

There are many reasons for keeping your web browser up to date, not only do browser updates enhance your browsing experience, updates also provide a number of security features, often unseen to the user.

"The most important reason to keep your browser up-to-date is for your own safety and security, and that of your computer," said Mark Robnett, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

"Today, there are numerous security threats that you can be subject to when browsing the internet, such as― identity theft, phishing, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and other sorts of malware. Many browser updates are released to combat these types of issues,” said Robnett.

Another reason to keep your browser up-to-date is to achieve the best browsing experience. You may not always be aware that a web page isn't displaying as intended, for the most up-to-date functions and features, you will need to update your browser regularly. Most browsers update their code regularly but not all of these updates are automatically installed on your computer; you often have to choose to automatically upgrade.

In addition to updating your browser, you should also upgrade your plug-ins wherever possible. Some browsers such as Firefox will remind you to update your add-ons whenever new versions become available, while others will not prompt you, therefore requiring you to check periodically to see if upgrades are required to remain current.

Again, we encourage you to keep an up-to-date browser for your safety and security, and that of your computer. In doing so, it is also serves to encourage improvement and innovation in the internet world.

Security of Your Financial Information is Our Top Priority

At Justice Federal, we take a proactive approach to protecting the safety and confidentially of our Member’s accounts by ensuring that we are using the latest and most secure technology available. We take great strides to safeguard our Member data with layers of security, including multiple firewalls and monitors, to protect us from vulnerabilities.


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