A Message from Mark L. Robnett, President and CEO

June 4, 2020

Justice Federal began the year in celebration of its founding 85 years ago however, in a few short months, the year quickly became one of the most tumultuous we have faced not only as an organization, but also as a nation that has experienced a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and civil unrest.

I am deeply saddened by the tragic events of late that are unfolding across the country; I know many of us have gone through a full range of emotions from watching the video of George Floyd’s last moments, peaceful demonstrations, assaults on our civil liberties and to the violent attacks on our law and order.

I wish I could say that what we are collectively witnessing and experiencing is an aberration however, history tells us otherwise. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for the world in which we live, and the world we strive to create. When we have zero tolerance for injustice perpetrated against all Americans, it will be the day inequality will no longer exist.

Justice Federal has a proud history of standing on the side of Justice in all its forms. We remain a strong partner to the justice community; our ideals remain the foundation of that strength. I want you to know that while we are wholeheartedly committed to justice we do not support those who would deny justice to others. We are committed to equality and ending discrimination and racism wherever it lives. The time for change is always now and Justice Federal will do all we can do to continually propel change in our country.

Mark Robnett
Mark L. Robnett
President & CEO
Justice Federal Credit Union